Hogwarts Quiz: Which Weasley Are You?

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"Only joking, I am Fred!"

A quiz that will determine which Weasley member you're most like! Are you more like Ron? Or maybe Ginny? Take this quiz to find out!

 Jul 02, 2018
1 of 22Pick your answer!
Choose a shade of red!
Candy apple
2 of 22Pick your answer!
What kind of broom would you ride?
Cleansweep 11
Nimbus 2000
3 of 22Pick your answer!
What department of the Ministry would you work in?
Magical Games and Sports
Magical Law Enforcement
Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
4 of 22Pick your answer!
What position would you play in quidditch?
5 of 22Pick your answer!
Which of Dumbledores gifts to the trio would you want?
Tales of Beedle the Bard
Gryffindor's sword
6 of 22Pick your answer!
What method of magical travel do you want to try?
Flying motorbike
Knight Bus
7 of 22Pick your answer!
Which magazine would you read?
Witch Weekly
Which Broomstick?
The Quibbler
8 of 22Pick your answer!
How would you refer to Voldemort?
Chief Death Eater
9 of 22Pick your answer!
Pick someone from the trio!
10 of 22Pick your answer!
Who from the other famous trio would you get along with the best?
11 of 22Pick your answer!
What magical artifact would you want to own?
Flying vehicle
Invisibility Cloak
12 of 22Pick your answer!
Who is your favorite fictional pairing?
Luna and Neville
Draco and apple
Hermione and Draco
13 of 22Pick your answer!
Which place do you want to visit the most?
Godric's Hollow
The Burrow
14 of 22Pick your answer!
Which of the twins' product do you want to try?
Headless Hats
Patented Daydream Charm
Canary Cream
15 of 22Pick your answer!
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
South America
16 of 22Pick your answer!
What magical creature would you like as a pet?
Pygmy puff
17 of 22Pick your answer!
What would you have off the trolley?
Chocolate Frog
Licorice Wands
Cauldron Cake
18 of 22Pick your answer!
What game show do you watch?
Family Feud
Wheel of Fortune
19 of 22Pick your answer!
What is your quidditch team?
Chudley Cannons
Tutshill Tornadoes
Holyhead Harpies
20 of 22Pick your answer!
Which is your favorite Dumbledore?
Michael Gambon (later Dumbledore)
Richard Harris (early Dumbledore)
21 of 22Pick your answer!
What magical school would you like to visit?
22 of 22Pick your answer!
Which professor would you like by your side in a fight?
Minerva McGonagall
Severus Snape
Rubeus Hagrid
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