Quiz: You Can't Pass This Hogwarts Quiz If You're Not A Ravenclaw

"You're just as sane as I am."

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 Jun 25, 2018
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Who wrote A History of Magic?
Albus Dumbledore
Bathilda Bagshot
Newt Scamander

Question: 2/20Pick your answer!

Who was the captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team?
Roger Davies
Oliver Wood
Draco Malfoy

Question: 3/20Pick your answer!

What is written on Ravenclaw's diadem?
"Treasure your intellect, for it is your strength."
"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."
"A Ravenclaw always pays its debts."

Question: 4/20Pick your answer!

What was the name of Ravenclaw's daughter?

Question: 5/20Pick your answer!

What came first, the phoenix or the flame?
A circle has no beginning
The beginning lies in the end
The phoenix and flame both

Question: 6/20Pick your answer!

Where do Vanished objects go?
Into the Mirror of Erised
Into nonbeing, which is to say, everything
Hagrid's closet

Question: 7/20Pick your answer!

What is the counterspell to 'Levicorpus'?

Question: 8/20Pick your answer!

Which of these characters is NOT a Ravenclaw?
Luna Lovegood
Cho Chang
Neville Longbottom

Question: 9/20Pick your answer!

Where did Voldemort hide before rising again?

Question: 10/20Pick your answer!

Who is the ghost of Ravenclaw?
The Grey Lady
Professor Binns
The Fat Friar

Question: 11/20Pick your answer!

Who killed the Grey Lady?
Nearly Headless Nick
The Bloody Baron
Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore

Question: 12/20Pick your answer!

What is the incantation for the Shield Charm?

Question: 13/20Pick your answer!

Cho Chang played which position in Quidditch?

Question: 14/20Pick your answer!

Which Ravenclaw did Harry take to Slughorn's Christmas party?
Padma Patil
Luna Lovegood
Hermione Granger

Question: 15/20Pick your answer!

How many exceptions are there to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration?

Question: 16/20Pick your answer!

Which of these is NOT an Unforgivable Curse?
Avada Kedavra

Question: 17/20Pick your answer!

What potion helps werewolves during their transformations?
Wolvvane Potion
Wolfsbane Potion
Werefence Potion

Question: 18/20Pick your answer!

What potion brings the user luck?
Mandrake Draught
Felix Felicis

Question: 19/20Pick your answer!

Who was the head of Ravenclaw House?
Filius Flitwick
Aurora Sinistra
Minerva McGonagall

Question: 20/20Pick your answer!

What is the incantation for the Disarming Charm?
Petrificus Totalus
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