Do You Know The Answers To These HP Qs That Every Potterhead Should Know?

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Are you a Potterhead, through and through?

A quiz full of essential Harry Potter trivia that every true fan should know! Can you pass the test?

 May 28, 2019

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What four words does Dumbledore say in his first speech?
Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
Kooky! Boorish! Tangy! Verdant!
Jam! Bubbles! Codswallop! Grapes!

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Harry was the youngest Seeker in how long?
A century
A decade
A millenium

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How do you pronounce the Levitation Charm?
WingarDIum LevioSA
WinGARdium LeviOsa
WINgardium LEviosa

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What was Fred's codename in Potterwatch?

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Where did Harry and Cho go on their date?
The Three Broomsticks
Florean Fortescue's
Madam Puddifoot's

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Where are the Hufflepuff dormitories?
Near the kitchens
In a different tower
Below the dungeons

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What is Snape's patronus?

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How many staircases are there in Hogwarts?

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What is Ron's middle name?

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What is Harry's birthday?
December 20
July 31
June 5

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What is the name of Ginny's pygmy puff?

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What is Gilderoy Lockhart's favorite color?
Burnt orange

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What object did Fleur borrow from Aunt Muriel?

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What color were Fleur's bridesmaid dresses?

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What is the Hogwarts motto?
Soar like a hippogriff
Never tickle a sleeping dragon
We will always be there to welcome you home

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What was the first password to Gryffindor Tower?
Fairy Lights
Fortuna Major
Caput Draconis

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What is Rita Skeeter's animagus form?
Praying mantis

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Snape told his class to turn to page ______.

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How much did Fred and George bet on the Quidditch World Cup?
45 galleons, 2 sickles, 1 knut
37 galleons, 15 sickles, 3 knuts
13 galleons, 13 sickles, 13 knuts

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What vault had the Sorcerer's Stone?

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What is the code of the telephone box at the Ministry?

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Which of these is required to become an animagus?
Mandrake leaves
Boomslang skin
Devil's Snare
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