Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Should You Name Your Child After?

Choose a name Rowling would be proud of!

 May 07, 2018
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Question: 1/22Choose Your Answer:

How would you like posterity to remember you?
Through textbooks
Through chocolate frog cards
Through a Hogwarts portrait

Question: 2/22Choose Your Answer:

Who is your favorite second generation child?
Scorpius Malfoy
Rose Weasley
Albus Potter

Question: 3/22Choose Your Answer:

What is your favorite Marauder nickname?

Question: 4/22Choose Your Answer:

Which Deathly Hallow do you want as your family heirloom?
Invisibility Cloak
Resurrection Stone
Elder Wand

Question: 5/22Choose Your Answer:

Which of the founder's artifacts would you like to pass down?
Slytherin's locket
Ravenclaw's diadem
Gryffindor's sword

Question: 6/22Choose Your Answer:

How would you respond to a letter from Hogwarts saying your child misbehaved?
Send a Howler
Send a strongly worded letter
Go there yourself

Question: 7/22Choose Your Answer:

Who would you make their godmother?

Question: 8/22Choose Your Answer:

What about godfather?

Question: 9/22Choose Your Answer:

What would you do the first time they got sick?
Call St. Mungo's, my parents, Dumbledore, the Ministry...
Give them medicine?
Refer to Plan A, then Plan B if that isn't an option...

Question: 10/22Choose Your Answer:

What would be your child's favorite dessert?
Treacle tart
Cauldron Cake
Pumpkin pasty

Question: 11/22Choose Your Answer:

What color would you like their room to be?
Mint green
Sunshine yellow
Pale blue

Question: 12/22Choose Your Answer:

What school would they go to?

Question: 13/22Choose Your Answer:

How many siblings do you want them to have?

Question: 14/22Choose Your Answer:

Where in the wizarding world would you like to take them?
Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor
Madam Malkin's

Question: 15/22Choose Your Answer:

What would you get as a pet?
Pygmy puff

Question: 16/22Choose Your Answer:

What would you do for their first birthday?
Invite anyone and everyone over
Invite friends and family
Have a small celebration with just the fam

Question: 17/22Choose Your Answer:

What plant do you think is most similar to a baby?
Venomous Tentacula
Mimbulus Mimbletonia

Question: 18/22Choose Your Answer:

What creature would you like to ride for fun, when you had the time?

Question: 19/22Choose Your Answer:

How many middle names would they have?

Question: 20/22Choose Your Answer:

How often would you expect them to visit from Hogwarts?
Whenever they want
Every break
Every weekend

Question: 21/22Choose Your Answer:

What would you have done once you heard Voldemort was back?
Keep them home, where they're safe
Let them make the decision
Send them to Hogwarts, where they'll be safe

Question: 22/22Choose Your Answer:

What sagely advice from Dumbledore would you give them?
"It is our choices...that show what we truly are"
"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided"
"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live"
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