Live A Day As Harry Potter And We'll Tell You How Old Your Soul Truly Is

As long as it isn't split into seven pieces! How old are you really?
 May 07, 2018
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Question: 1/22Choose Your Answer:

You wake up at Hogwarts. Now what?
Sleep in
Go down to breakfast with Ron
Skip breakfast and finish a Potions essay

Question: 2/22Choose Your Answer:

What kind of breakfast would you have, if you could?
Corn flakes
Orange juice and toast
Bacon and scrambled eggs

Question: 3/22Choose Your Answer:

What class are you looking forward to today?
Double Transfiguration
Defense Against the Dark Arts
My free period

Question: 4/22Choose Your Answer:

Ron just got a Howler from Mrs. Weasley! What do you do?
Pretend I don't exist
Make sure Ron eats something, at least
Pretend he doesn't exist

Question: 5/22Choose Your Answer:

Sirius sends a letter saying he wants to meet at Hogsmeade. What do you say?
No, it's irresponsible
Yes, but only if he promises to be careful
When and where?

Question: 6/22Choose Your Answer:

You get to your first class and realize you've forgotten your homework! What now?
Shrug and let it go
Apologize profusely and promise to have it next class
Copy off Ron

Question: 7/22Choose Your Answer:

Hagrid's class is next. What do you hope he's teaching today?

Question: 8/22Choose Your Answer:

Hagrid's Blast-Ended Skrewts have gone loose! What do you do?
Get backup
Hide in his cabin
Help catch them

Question: 9/22Choose Your Answer:

You're on your way to lunch but hear odd whispers from the walls. What now?
Ask your friends about it
Follow them!
Shrug and let it go

Question: 10/22Choose Your Answer:

What are you having for lunch?
Fish and chips
Turkey sandwiches

Question: 11/22Choose Your Answer:

In Divination, Trelawney predicts you'll die in December. What do you say?
Good to know.
Will I get my Christmas presents, at least?
Well, alright then.

Question: 12/22Choose Your Answer:

Someone's cauldron explodes in Potions! What do you do?
Run out the door
Wasn't me...
Help the person

Question: 13/22Choose Your Answer:

You hear that an escaped convict has been seen in Hogsmeade. How do you react?
Has he hurt anyone?
Research the convict

Question: 14/22Choose Your Answer:

You visit Hagrid's and see he has a dragon egg! What do you do?
Owl Charlie
Tell Dumbledore
Help Hagrid nurture it

Question: 15/22Choose Your Answer:

It's dinnertime. What are you having?
Roast potatoes and sprouts
Vegetable casserole
Steak and kidney pudding

Question: 16/22Choose Your Answer:

You have Nick's Deathday Party after dinner. What do you do?
Be a wallflower at the party
Skive off the party
Talk to some ghosts there

Question: 17/22Choose Your Answer:

It's time for quidditch practice! What weather would be perfect for you?
Slightly rainy
Dry and a bit chilly

Question: 18/22Choose Your Answer:

You're in the hospital wing. Why?
Practicing a new quidditch move
A bludger to the head
Goofing around

Question: 19/22Choose Your Answer:

You promised Malfoy a duel at midnight, but what will you actually do?
Go. I promised, didn't I?
Stay. Why risk my neck?
Of course I'll go! I'm still angry!

Question: 20/22Choose Your Answer:

Which of these would you like to do before going to bed?
Play a game of wizard's chess
Sneak out somewhere with Ron and Hermione
Finish some homework

Question: 21/22Choose Your Answer:

You're sneaking about the castle at night. Where are you off to?
Fighting Malfoy
Restricted section of the library
Hagrid's place

Question: 22/22Choose Your Answer:

You're finally in bed. What are you most looking forward to tomorrow?
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