Only A Potterhead Can Match These Magic Spells With Their Results

"It's LeviOsa, not LevioSA."
 Jun 11, 2018
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Question: 1/22What does this spell do?

Avada kedavra
Gives the caster control over someone
Kills someone (most of the time)
Tortures someone (when you mean it)

Question: 2/22What does this spell do?

Unlocks things
Reveals hidden objects
Creates a large blast

Question: 3/22What does this spell do?

Marks doors
Locks doors
Destroys doors

Question: 4/22What does this spell do?

Protects against mind reading
Fixes broken objects
Returns missing bones

Question: 5/22What does this spell do?

Allows one to temporarily talk to a snake
Banishes a snake
Conjures a snake

Question: 6/22What does this spell do?

Gives objects legs
Vanishes objects
Turns objects transparent

Question: 7/22What does this spell do?

Removes the Shield Charm
Turns off your wandlight
Pushes objects away

Question: 8/22What does this spell do?

Blocks minor hexes
Gets rid of a boggart
Scares off dementors

Question: 9/22What does this spell do?

Creates a shield
Disarms your opponent
Trips your opponent

Question: 10/22What does this spell do?

Levitates someone
Makes someone's legs dance
Tickles someone into submission

Question: 11/22What does this spell do?

Stuns your opponent
Disarms your opponent
Wounds your opponent

Question: 12/22What does this spell do?

Makes flowers come out of one's nostrils
Produces a bouquet of flowers
Makes a flower wilt

Question: 13/22What does this spell do?

Sticks someone's nose with gum
Sticks someone's tongue to the roof of their mouth
Unlocks a highly secure chamber

Question: 14/22What does this spell do?

Expecto patronum
Repels dementors
Makes objects come closer
Creates waterproof fire

Question: 15/22What does this spell do?

Creates fire
Extinguishes fire
Turns fire into the shape of a dragon

Question: 16/22What does this spell do?

Wingardium leviosa
Makes objects float
Makes someone grow wings
Turns someone into a bird

Question: 17/22What does this spell do?

Repels dementors
Makes the caster invisible
Creates a magical shield

Question: 18/22What does this spell do?

Turns objects into stone
Banishes objects
Summons objects

Question: 19/22What does this spell do?

Makes deep cuts appear on your opponent
Levitates people by their ankle
Tickles your opponent

Question: 20/22What does this spell do?

Makes someone unable to talk
Disguises sounds in a certain place
Makes a small noise louder

Question: 21/22What does this spell do?

Levitates someone by the ankle
Turns someone's clothes inside out
Levitates objects around someone

Question: 22/22What does this spell do?

Erases someone's face
Erases someone's memory
Erases someone's clothes | Quiz Facts

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