Harry Potter Quiz: What Is Your Horcrux?

Where would you keep your soul?

 Jun 11, 2018
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Question: 1/22Pick your answer!

Which Marauder would you be?
Sirius Black
James Potter
Remus Lupin

Question: 2/22Pick your answer!

Who would you take on a road trip?

Question: 3/22Pick your answer!

Where would you go for a drink in Hogsmeade?
Dumbledore's office
The Hog's Head
The Three Broomsticks

Question: 4/22Pick your answer!

What would be your unique house color?

Question: 5/22Pick your answer!

Which Hogwarts professor do you identify with the most?
Professor Lockhart
Professor Trelawney
Professor McGonagall

Question: 6/22Pick your answer!

Which of these movies did you like the most?
Deathly Hallows
Prisoner of Azkaban
Half-Blood Prince

Question: 7/22Pick your answer!

Which task would you gladly participate in?
Retrieving an important person
Getting through a maze
Getting past a dragon

Question: 8/22Pick your answer!

What is your favorite song from Harry Potter?
Double Trouble
The Hogwarts Song
Hedwig's Theme

Question: 9/22Pick your answer!

Who would you have teach Potions?
Professor Dumbledore
Professor Slughorn
Professor Snape

Question: 10/22Pick your answer!

What shop in Diagon Alley do you really want to visit?
Eeylops Owl Emporium
Madam Malkin's
Flourish and Blotts

Question: 11/22Pick your answer!

How many horcruxes would you have?

Question: 12/22Pick your answer!

Who would you use for them?
Random people
People who have wronged me

Question: 13/22Pick your answer!

If you were Voldemort, what would you do after hearing the Prophecy?
Wait to see how things play out
Kill both Harry and Neville
The exact same thing

Question: 14/22Pick your answer!

What is your House?

Question: 15/22Pick your answer!

Which Hogwarts dish sounds really good right now?
Shepherd's pie
Chocolate gateau
Lamb chops

Question: 16/22Pick your answer!

What are you drinking for breakfast?
Orange juice
Pumpkin juice

Question: 17/22Pick your answer!

What would your wand be made out of?

Question: 18/22Pick your answer!

What would be at the core of your wand?
Dragon heartstring
Unicorn hair
Phoenix feather

Question: 19/22Pick your answer!

What is your favorite holiday?
Independence Day
Winter holidays

Question: 20/22Pick your answer!

Who would you want to teach Care of Magical Creatures?
Professor Hagrid
Professor Grubbly-Plank

Question: 21/22Pick your answer!

What is your favorite kind of art?

Question: 22/22Pick your answer!

Who would you want as your Death Eater?
Bellatrix Lestrange
Severus Snape
Draco Malfoy
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