Quiz: Only A Cheerleader Can Get 10/15 On This Test

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Cheerleader quiz? Bring it on!

All the cheer facts only a TRUE cheerleader would know! Think you've got what it takes? Bring it on.

 Aug 08, 2017
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What cheer stunt produces the most injuries?
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What is considered the cheer capital of the United States?
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Which popular movie is about cheerleading?
Bring It On
Step Up
A Cinderella Story
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Who is the "spotter"?
The cheerleader watching the flier, prepared to catch her if she falls
The coach sitting on the sidelines
The girl who is tossed into the air
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A back-flip with no hands and the body kept tucked into a ball is called:
A backtuck
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Which of the following is a normal length for a routine?
Around 10 minutes
Around 25 seconds
Around 3 minutes
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The item of clothing that goes under the cheer skirt is called:
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The jump in which the cheerleader extends one leg and tucks the other behind themselves is called:
A herkie
A toe-touch
An X jump
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Which US president was a cheerleader?
Abe Lincoln
George W Bush
Barack Obama
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What era did NFL teams form cheer squads?
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The top of the cheer uniform is referred to as:
Short shirt
Pom Poms
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When someone drops the 'spirit stick':
The cheer season is over
The person who drops it must leave the squad
Bad luck is assumed
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True or False: the herkie is named after the inventor of cheerleading.
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High school cheer (opposed to competitive) cannot:
Do basket tosses
Do tumbling
Perform front cradle
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What are "facials" when it comes to cheerleading?
The prettiest girls on the team
Enthusiastic expressions used during a cheer
Moves where the face is not visible
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