Quiz: Can You Answer These 13 Food Questions Every Marylander Should Know?

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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner - we've got it all!

Being from Maryland doesn't just mean knowing Hairspray musical trivia, you better know your basic foods as well!

 May 02, 2017
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What is the name of Maryland's most famous cake?
Baltimore Cake
German Chocolate Cake
Smith Island Cake
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What bird is Maryland known for preparing exceptionally well?
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What is Maryland's most well-known delicacy?
blue crab
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What other seafood is Maryland particularly famous for?
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What is the name of Maryland's staple seafood seasoning?
Baltimore Seafood
East Shore Seasoning
Old Bay Seasoning
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Where are most Maryland oysters harvested from?
Chesapeake Bay
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What is the state drink of Maryland?
sparkling water
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Maryland was nicknamed the 'Free State' in 1919 because....
it no longer taxed dairy products
it opposed the prohibition of alcohol
it allowed free fishing the entire year
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A dessert unique to Maryland is____?
whoopie pie
berger cookies
caramel delights
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An edible oddity of Maryland is ______?
deep fried oreos
soft shell crab
oyster ice cream
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What is a true Marylander's beer of choice?
Mr. Fishoder's Beer
National Bohemian Beer
Pabst Blue Ribbon
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What seafood soup is most famous in Maryland?
cream of crab
oyster stew
clam chowder
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A famous Maryland cocktail involves a Bloody Mary and what seafood?
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