Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every Shawshank Fan Should Know?

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Got what it takes to escape?

How well do you know the movie Shawshank Redemption? Andy, Red, the Warden? Take this quiz and show off your Shawshank expertise.

 Dec 21, 2016

1 of 22What is Andy convicted of to send him to Shawshank in the first place?

Killing his wife and her lover.
Killing his daughter.
Killing his brother-in-law's dog.

2 of 22When Andy arrives at Shawshank, who does Red give him a poster of?

Babe Ruth
Rita Hayworth
Marilyn Monroe

3 of 22Throughout the movie, Andy is assaulted by what group?

The Sister-Wives
The Sisters
The Brothers

4 of 22Where does Andy start working at Shawshank?

the Chapel
the Cafeteria
the Library

5 of 22Why does Brooks kill himself?

Difficulties adjusting to the outside world.
He was in overwhelming debt.
It was an accident.

6 of 22What animal does Brooks have as a pet?

a turantula
a ferret
a bird

7 of 22What does Andy play over the jail loudspeaker?

A recording of whale sounds
The Marriage of Figaro
"I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles

8 of 22After the loudspeaker stunt, what happens to Andy?

He is placed in solitary confinement.
He becomes the jail's DJ.
He is punished by having to clean the bathrooms for a week.

9 of 22What does Andy do in the hopes of improving the library?

He hides flower petals in the pages of the books.
He writes letters to the government asking for funds.
He learns how to rebind broken books.

10 of 22How does the corrupt prison warden, Samuel Norton, use Andy in his schemes?

To launder money.
To give other inmates false legal guidance.
To start a prison beauty parlor.

11 of 22How does Andy help Tommy Williams?

By bringing him breakfast in bed.
By helping him pass his GED.
By giving him relationship advice.

12 of 22What happens to Tommy Williams?

He falls severely ill.
He falls in love with another inmate.
Warden Norton has him murdered under the guise of a failed escape attempt.

13 of 22What does Tommy tell Andy?

That he was a childhood actor.
That he was the one who killed his wife and lover.
That an inmate at his previous prison confessed to Andy's crime.

14 of 22What item does Andy request from a fellow inmate?

A rope.
An axe.
A dehumidifier.

15 of 22How does Warden Norton discover the tunnel Andy dug in his cell?

By living in the cell himself for 3 days.
By using police dogs.
By throwing a rock at his poster.

16 of 22What is Andy's alias?

Randall Stephens
Ricky Smith
Ron Swanson

17 of 22What does Andy do with the proof of Warden Norton's money laundering?

Uses it to blackmail him.
Burns it at a bonfire.
Mails it to a local newspaper.

18 of 22What does Warden Norton do to avoid his imminent arrest?

Shoots himself.
Bleaches his hair to assume a new identity.

19 of 22After how many years is Red paroled?


20 of 22Where does Andy leave the package for Red?

Yankee Stadium
Burlington, Vermont
Buxton, Maine

21 of 22Where do Andy and Red finally meet up with each other?

Niagara Falls

22 of 22What does Red admit he feels at the end of the movie?

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