Quiz: Can You Answer 16 Questions Every Hairspray Fan Should Know?


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 Dec 21, 2016
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What is the TV show Tracy and Penny watch every day after school?
The Corny Collins Show
Baltimore Sing-A-Long
The Billy Bobby Show
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At school, Tracy is reprimanded for what?
Setting a stink bomb off in the hallway.
Having inappropriate hair height.
Wearing a skirt that's too short.
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Where does Seaweed teach Tracy how to dance?
In the cafeteria.
At a rave downtown.
At detention.
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Who leads the march to protest the discrimination of Mother-Daughter Day?
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What's the name of Wilbur's (Tracy's dad) joke shop?
The Har-De-Har Hut
Wilbur's Place
The Laughter Lounge
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Who sneaks in to visit Tracy in jail?
Mr. Spritzer
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How does Penny's mom punish Penny for going to jail?
She grounds her for a month.
She shaves her head.
She ties her up in her room.
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What is the culminating contest at the end of the musical?
The Miss Baltimore Pageant
The Corny Collins Contest
Miss Teenage Hairspray
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Who does NOT go out on stage with Tracy during Miss Teenage Hairspray?
Little Inez
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Where do Tracy, Link, Penny, and Seaweed meet up to strategize for the protest?
A local park.
Motormouth Maybelle's Record Shop
Tracy's house
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What is Motormouth's song about her fight for equality called?
"I Know Who I've Saved"
"I Know Where I've Been"
"I Know What I've Done"
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Who tries to wrestle the crown from Amber to give to Tracy?
Little Inez
Corny Collins
Motormouth Maybelle
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After the protest, what does the Governor give to Tracy?
A locket.
A college scholarship.
Keys to the city.
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What is Mr. Spritzer's response to the Tracy's on-air protest?
He is thrilled because of the telecast's ratings.
He starts to cry.
He cancels the Corny Collins Show
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What is Ultra Glow?
Tanning oil.
Beauty products for women of color.
A brand of lava lamp.
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What is the final song of the musical?
"Good Morning Baltimore"
"You Can't Stop the Beat"
"(It's) Hairspray"
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