Quiz: Only Someone With An IQ Of 130+ Can Pass This Street Smarts Test


How street savvy are you?

You'll only pass this street smarts test if you're super savvy with questions about specific situations like locking your car doors.

 Jan 11, 2016
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What item shoud you always carry around in your purse to signal for help?
A whistle
A blow horn
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If someone tries to attack you, aim for their ___.
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Which item can you use to start a fire?
Plastic bag
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What is a tourniquet used for?
To flag someone down in a car
To stop severe bleeding
To clean your windshield
5 of 10Pick your answer!
To jump start a car, you will need another parked car and jumper cables.
6 of 10Pick your answer!
How many chest compressions do you do to perform CPR?
7 of 10Pick your answer!
What are two things you need to change a flat tire?
Jack and a lug wrench
A hammer and a drill
A flare and a construction cone
8 of 10Pick your answer!
When you're stopped in your car by the police, what do you NOT need to show?
Driver's License
9 of 10Pick your answer!
How should you hold a compass?
Sideways in your hand
Flat in your hand
Upside down in your hand
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In public you should...
Tote around your expensive jewelry
Avoid large crowds
Wear flashy clothing
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