Quiz: Only A True Irish Catholic Can Get A 10/12 On This Test


Do you know what the Celtic Cross looks like?

Only a born and raised Irish Catholic can pass this quiz with questions about history, symbols, and more.

 Dec 29, 2016
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"May the __________ rise to meet you . . ."
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What were "the Troubles?"
The ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland
The famine of the 1840s
The period of the Home Rule Crisis
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Which American political party grew out of fear of Irish Catholic influence?
The Tea Party
The Prohibition Party
The Know Nothing Party
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Which famous actress is Irish?
Meryl Streep
Katherine Heigl
Jennifer Aniston
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How many sacraments are there?
6 of 12Pick your answer!
How many days does Lent last?
7 of 12Pick your answer!
When is St. Patrick's Day?
March 7
March 17
April 17
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What is the capital of Ireland?
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If you lost your keys or your wallet, you better pray to:
St. Oliver
St. Catherine
St. Anthony
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What is Ireland's official language?
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Guinness is popularly known as:
Pint of Gat
Irish Coffee
Blood of St. Patrick
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What does "slainte" mean?
Good health
Peace be with you
Go away
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