Quiz: Only A True Extrovert Can Pass This Etiquette Test


How extroverted are you?

Only a true extrovert will be able to pass this quiz with questions about interacting with others, table manners, and more.

 Jan 04, 2017
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When you're having a conversation with another person, you...
Listen and don't say a word
Usually finish the other person's sentence
Nod your head furiously
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You're 3 minutes late to your exercise class, you...
Sneak into the back of the class
Still make your way to the front of the class
Don't bother showing up
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You just fought with your BFF, you...
Tweet about why you're so angry
Detail the argument in your journal
Vent to your mom
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At the dinner table, you...
Start conversations mid-bite
Silently eat your whole meal
Speak only when spoken to
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When you bump into someone, you...
Mumble sorry and keep walking
Pretend like it didn't happen and keep walking
Apologize profusely out loud
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Anytime you see an eldery woman on the bus, you...
Wait until she asks if she can have your seat
Stand up once you get some dirty looks
Automatically stand up and offer your seat
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When you meet someone, you...
Say nice to meet you and pat them on the back
Look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake
Avoid eye contact and loosely shake hands
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When you give a toast, you...
Look people in the eye
Stare past everyone
Avoid eye contact at all costs
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You're in the elevator and you see someone running as the door is closing, you...
Stick your hand out to keep the door from closing
Pretend you don't see them and let the door close
Continuously press the "close door" button
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When you bring your friend to your work party, you...
Don't introduce them at all
Directly introduce them to everyone
Wait for them to introduce themselves
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