Quiz: Only A Southern Baptist Will Pass This Word Association Test

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Do you know who the four gospels are?

Test your knowledge of Southern Baptists with vocabulary questions including the gospels, chapter names, and more.

 Aug 05, 2017
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North Carolina
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First Baptist Church
New Orleans
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The Lord's
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Awomen corner
An area to the left of the altar in church.
A smaller room for worship.
A place where vocal female worshippers sit in church.
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A fitness gym
A Baptist sports camp.
A hiking team
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The Lord's Day
The first day of the week
Every Thursday
The last day of the week
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The Redeemer
Jesus Christ
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Four gospels
Jospeh, Jeremiah, Simon, Jude
Judas, Peter, Mark, John
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
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The two books of the Bible
The document that declared Jesus the eternal Son of God
The book of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament
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Becoming a Jehovah's Witness
Final stage of becoming a monk
Baptism in holy water
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Jesus' resurrection
Saving the soul from sin and its consequences
Jesus' healing powers
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Book of Glory
Joseph's autobiography
A section of the Gospel of John
The third book in the Bible
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A follower of Jesus
An immortal man
A healer
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The Holy Spirit's journey
The teachings of Jesus
The mission to the Holy Land
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William Screven
The founder of the first Southern Baptist church in the US
Jesus' brother
The first disciple
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