Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be From Delaware


How much do you know about the second-smallest state?

Test your knowledge of Delaware with questions about their nicknames, motto, history, geography and more.

 Jun 06, 2017
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What is not one of Delaware's nicknames?
The First State
The Diamond State
The Small State
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Delaware is divided into ___ counties.
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Which state does not border Delaware?
New Jersey
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Why is Delaware known as the first state?
The first US president was from Delaware
They were the first state to ratify the US Constitution
It was the first inhabitated state
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What is the capital?
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Delaware's motto is Liberty and ____.
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What is the Twelve-Mile Circle?
The highest neighborhood in the US
The northern boundary of the state
The most popular hiking trail
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Which is not a county of Delaware?
New Castle
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Which is not a beach in Delaware?
Bethany Beach
Dewey Beach
Rosemary Beach
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What is the official state sport?
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What is scrapple?
A vegetarian sandwich
A loaf of pork trimmings
A lemon pudding dessert
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Which festival is not held in Delaware?
The Scrapple Festival
World Championship Punkin Chunkin
National Chocolate Contest
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What is the state dessert?
Vanilla pudding
Chocolate mousse
Peach pie
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What is the state bird?
The cardinal
The blue hen
The sparrow
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What shape is on the Delaware flag?
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