Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember "Hope Floats"?


Do you remember Birdee?

Test your knowledge of Hope Floats with questions about the characters, plot, phrases, setting, and more.

 Aug 16, 2017
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What is the main character's name?
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Birdee is invited onto a talk show where they tell her what?
She is the winner of a national journalism award
Her daughter will be a model in an upcoming show
Her husband cheated on her
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Where does Birdee move to?
South Carolina
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What is Birdee's daughter's name?
5 of 15Pick your answer!
What is Birdee's father sick with?
Lyme disease
Stomach cancer
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What is Birdee's high school crush's name?
7 of 15Pick your answer!
How does Birdee's mother die?
Heart attack
Brain tumor
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Where did Birdee live with her husband before the split?
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What does Birdee learn about the letter her dad wrote to her?
He plagiarized it from a poem
It was actually written by her mom
He didn't mean anything he said
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Who did her husband cheat on her with?
Her best friend
Her sister
Her boss
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What challenge does Birdee's daughter face at school?
A classmate bullies her.
A teacher falsely accuses her of cheating on a test.
She has trouble with math.
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Travis, who lives with Birdee's mother, is Birdee's _________.
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In her hometown, Birdee has a reputation for being __________.
a snob
a nerd
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At the end of the movie, Birdee ________.
is in a relationship with Justin
has gotten back together with her ex-husband
is single
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What upsets Bernice the most about her mother's move to Texas?
having to live with her cousin
her parents' separation
her grandfather's illness and death
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