Quiz: 13 Harry Potter Trivia Questions That Would Even Stump J.K. Rowling

How well do you know this magical series?

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 Dec 10, 2016
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What are the three deathly hallows?
The resurrection stone, the elder wand, and the cloak of invisibility
The philosopher’s stone, the goblet of fire, and Tom Riddle’s diary
The golden snitch, the cloak of invisibility, and a two-way mirror

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What is Professor Lupin’s nickname?

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Voldemort had ____ horcruxes.

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What was Hagrid's three-headed dog's name?

Question: 5/13Pick your answer!

George Weasley lost his right ear.

Question: 6/13Pick your answer!

What is a quaffle?
A Quidditch ball
A love charm
A delicacy served in the Great Hall

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What did Hermione get from Dumbledore’s will?
The Deluminator
The Tales of Beedle the Bard
The Golden Snitch

Question: 8/13Pick your answer!

What is the name of Harry’s youngest son?
Harry Jr.

Question: 9/13Pick your answer!

What is Hermione’s Patronus?
A lion
A swan
An otter

Question: 10/13Pick your answer!

Why were Harry’s parents soulmates?
Because their patronuses were a doe and a stag
Because Dumbledore cast a spell on them
Because they drank a love potion together

Question: 11/13Pick your answer!

What’s the name of the Weasley’s owl?

Question: 12/13Pick your answer!

Where do people not appear on the Maurader’s Map?
The room of requirement
The Hufflepuff common room
The Ravenclaw tower

Question: 13/13Pick your answer!

What is a boggart?
The creatures that live in the Foribidden Forest
A shape-shifter that takes on the shape of your worst fear
A plant used in Herbology
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