You'll Only Pass This Vocab Quiz If You Live and Breathe the Dictionary

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Do you have the gusto to ace this quiz?

If Merriam-Webster is number one in your browser history, this quiz is for you! Only dictionary fanatics can ace this toilsome vocabulary test!

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Do you live and breathe vocabulary? Do you basically have the entire dictionary memorized? Take this perplexing vocabulary quiz to see how many words you remember! We bet you can't made a 100% on this quiz - I mean, do you even know how many words are out there? What is the definition of "turpitude"? Can you name a synonym of the word, "profligate"? What about the antonym to "bibulous"? The minute the Merriam-Webster adds a new word, you are the FIRST to know. In fact, you've got Urban Dictionary memorized too, just so that you can stay ahead of the game. Even though you think you have the entire dictionary memorized, take this quiz to prove it!

Whether you need to a break from work, the kids, or from just having to be a person, is the place to be for your little three-minute vacation. Make us your one-stop shop for brain teasers, trivia, IQ tests, and everything in-between! Can you define the word, "pusillanimous"? What about a synonym for "placate"? Name an example of an onomatopoeia. From vocabulary and geography, to all things entertainment and pop culture, we've got you covered. Check out for more amusement and provocations, and be sure to share your results with friends and other quizaholics like yourself. Our goal here at is to make you feel good about who you are - and to take a little break from the outside world. So put away that dictionary and get quizzing!

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