Quiz: Which “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Character Are You?

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Who are you from the 99?

Have you ever wondered which character from Brooklyn Nine-Nine you are? Answer just a few questions to find out!

 May 20, 2019

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What's your go-to drink at Shaw's bar?

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Do you follow the rules?

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When it comes to pranks, are you often committing them or receiving them?
I'm the prank king!
I tend to be on the receiving end...

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How do you feel about karaoke?
I'm down for anything
Hate it.
I love it!
Maybe after a few drinks...

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What's your ideal romantic date?
Romance is for losers
Three course, candle-lit dinner
Take out and Netflix
Going to the museum

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Pick a movie genre!

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How do you feel about paperwork?
Paperwork can go to hell.
It's the thing I look forward to the most.

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When you get assigned a new task, you...
Start on it but then get distracted
Get to it when you get to it
Procrastinate until the last minute
Begin immediately

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How would you describe your work clothes?
Business casual

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What word do people use most often to describe you?

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Pick a guilty pleasure song to jam to!
"U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer
"Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
"Wannabe" by The Spice Girls
"Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey

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Who's your 99 partner in crime?
Captain Holt
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If you're totally addicted to Brooklyn Nine-Nine like we are, then you're at just the right place! You probably know everything there is to know about the show, but do you know which character is most like you? Were you voted "Most Likely To Succeed" in high school? Do you consider yourself the king of pranks and jokes? Are you a strong, confident, and brutally honest person? Or are you more kind, loyal, and optimistic to a fault? Do any of these characteristics sound like you? If you're wondering which cop from the 99 you are, then this is the quiz for you! What's your favorite drink to get at Shaw's? What do you look forward to after work? Answer just a few questions about your life and your personality, and we'll tell you which character from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a match for you! Just be sure to answer honestly, because this quiz is super accurate!

Wondering which character you'll get on this quiz about Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a hit cop comedy starring Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, and Andre Braugher. With its mixture of crime antics and comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become quite the hit. Take this fun quiz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine to find out which character matches your personality, really!

Want to know more about the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Well did you know that despite taking place in Brooklyn, New York, the show is actually shot entirely in Los Angeles, California! They sure fooled us.

Also, Stephanie Beatriz, the actress who plays Rosa Diaz, has to essentially act blind. She's legally blind and needs extremely strong glasses to properly function, but her character doesn't wear glasses in the show.

That classic "Nine-Nine" chant Terry Crews' character always does? That wasn't something previously in the scripts - it was Terry Crews that actually came up with it!

Now, if you want more quizzes on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, email me at [email protected] to let me know! Until then, take this quiz to see which character from Brooklyn Nine-Nine you are!