The Southern vs East Coast Dialect Test

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Can we guess where your heart belong?

Take this super accurate dialect test, and we'll tell you whether you are from the South or the East Coast!

 Mar 01, 2020

1 of 18Choose your answer!

Uh oh! You just got a traffic alert that there's a crash on the ___ southbound. Better take the back roads!

2 of 18Choose your answer!

Where are you going for a weekend mini-getaway?
New York
New Orleans
Las Vegas

3 of 18Choose your answer!

It's Superbowl Sunday and someone forgot the chips! Quick, run to ___ to get some!
Whole Foods

4 of 18Choose your answer!

You've been craving something sweet ever since dinner, and you'd give anything to eat a ___ right now.
Moon pie
Nanaimo bar

5 of 18Choose your answer!

It's not a slushie or Italian ice - it's ___, which is totally better.
Water ice
Snow cone

6 of 18Choose your answer!

If you're craving some chewy, stick-to-your-teeth sugary goodness, what are you looking for?
Salt water taffy
Roman candy
Laffy taffy

7 of 18Choose your answer!

Where are you grabbing that jumbo 72oz slushie for $1?

8 of 18Choose your answer!

If your dish is missing something, you might add a dash of ___ to it.
Old Bay

9 of 18Choose your answer!

What's your go-to brunch order?
French toast
Huevos rancheros tacos
Lox and cream cheese on everything bagel

10 of 18Choose your answer!

Your biggest pet peeve is when people....
Try to make small talk
Are rude
Stop in the middle of the sidewalk

11 of 18Choose your answer!

Google says it's 62 degrees outside. Do you dare to wear a t-shirt?
That's perfect t-shirt weather!
I'll probably be sun tanning by the pool!
Nah, that's more like long-sleeve weather.

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How do you like your iced tea?
I prefer to drink it hot
1:1 ratio of sugar to tea

13 of 18Choose your answer!

How do you address a group of people?
You guys
You all

14 of 18Choose your answer!

It's 1am and you're craving a cheeseburger. Where are you going?
Shake Shack

15 of 18Choose your answer!

The word "pie" makes you think of...

16 of 18Choose your answer!

What are your winters like?
Full of ice and snow
Cold and rainy
What winter?

17 of 18Choose your answer!

Which seafood is scrumptiously delicious and popular near you?
King crab

18 of 18Choose your answer!

What are you pulling along with you at the grocery?
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Do you take your sweet tea extra sweet? Or do you prefer to grab a coffee from Dunkin'? What do you think of when you hear the word "pie"? Do you think of a dessert or a pizza? By answering just a few questions, we can determine whether you are from the South or the East Coast! You can't call yourself a true local until you've seen which result you get on this quiz! Do you drive on the freeway or the highway? Or do you call it the interstate? Where do you grab your groceries from? Use this opportunity to show off your knowledge of your region's dialect! Now go grab yourself a bagel or a beignet, and get started to see which region you end up in!

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