Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Songs By "The Cars" With Just One Lyric?

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We guarantee you'll have a "funtime"...

Just how well do you know The Cars? From songs like "My Best Friend's Girl" and "Shake It Up", see if you can name all their songs by just one lyric!

 Sep 16, 2019

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"Who's gonna pick you up when you fall? Who's gonna hang it up when you call?"
It's All I Can Do

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"She's a lot like you. Come on and hold me tight."
Why Can't I Have You
Dangerous Type
That's It

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"I know you're a dreamer who's under the gun."
Tonight She Comes
Hello Again

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"All I want is you tonight. I guess that dress does fit you tight."
Touch and Go
Strap Me In
Just What I Needed

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"Let them leave you up in the air. Let them brush your rock and roll hair."
The Little Black Egg
Good Times Roll
Dangerous Type

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"Alienation is the craze, and it's all gonna happen to you."
Hello Again
Double Life

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"Dance all night with anyone. Don't let nobody pick your fun."
Shake It Up
Misfit Kid
Hotel Queenie

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"I don't care if you hurt me some more. I don't care if you even the score."
You're All I've Got Tonight

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"She's winding them down on her clock machine, and she won't give up 'cause she's seventeen."
Maybe Baby
Got a Lot on My Head
Let's Go

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"Well you might think I'm delirious, the way I run you down."
Heartbeat City
You Might Think
Door to Door

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"You're always dancing down the street with your suede blue eyes."
My Best Friend's Girl
Leave or Stay
Stranger Eyes

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"Oh Jacki, what took you so long? I thought you knew the way."
This Could Be Love
Heartbeat City

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"Life's the same except for my shoes. Life's the same, you're shakin' like tremolo."
Victim of Love
Moving in Stereo
Let's Go

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"You're so treacherous when it comes to tenderness."
I'm Not the One
Since You're Gone
Heartbeat City

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"You always knew to wear it well. And you look so fancy, I can tell."
Just What I Needed

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"It's an orangy sky. Always it's some other guy. It's just a broken lullaby."
Don't Cha Stop
Bye Bye Love
Don't Go to Pieces
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Are you a HARDCORE fan of The Cars? Do you know the lyrics to every single Cars song and could recite them in your sleep? Are you still stuck in the rockstar mania? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we've got the quiz for you! This Cars lyrics quiz will test you on the lyrics of all the top most well known Cars songs. How well do you remember these iconic lyrics? The band, founded in Boston, would only last about a decade before splitting, but that didn't stop them from creating 13 Top 40 singles over just six albums. Some of their most iconic songs include "Good Times Roll," "My Best Friend's Girl" and "Just What I Needed". The band was so iconic that in 2018, they were actually inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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