Rapid Fire Quiz: How High Can You Score On This Catholic True/False Test?

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This quiz is basically impossible unless you're a priest!

Are you a devout Catholic? If you think you know the scriptures and sacraments like the back of your hand, see if you get 100% on this rapid-fire quiz!

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Was religion your favorite subject in school? Do you love bringing up the gifts during mass? Do you often find yourself rereading your favorite parables when you're feeling a bit "meh"? Take this rapid-fire Catholic quiz to see how devout you really are! What's your go-to Bible passage? Are you more of a Jonah or a Moses? What's your favorite holy sacrament? This tricky test will prove how holy your life is. Who knows - maybe you'll learn something new! But remember: this quiz will go by in the blink of an eye! If you love religious quizzes, or maybe you just want to take a deeper look into your faith, you'll love this Catholic test!

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