Quiz: Which Combination Of Movie Villain And Hero Are You?

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Which movie hero and villain is your perfect match?

Answer these 20 personality questions, and we'll tell you which combination of movie hero and villain you are!

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Do you sometimes feel like everyone is against you? I mean, you destroy a building ONE time and now suddenly everyone is out to get you. Do you wish you had someone else on your side? Maybe someone who doesn't have a questionably moral compass? Take this quiz to see which combination of movie hero and villain you are! Answer a few questions about your life - like your favorite cheat meal or your greatest fear - and a few questions about your preferences - like identifying your spirit animal or which sidekick is your ride-or-die - and you'll be shocked at how accurate the results are! Just remember to be completely honest. After all, you'd HATE to be paired with the wrong hero or villain. The last thing you need is another enemy...

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