Quiz: What Is Your Spirit Animal?

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Bet you can't guess which animal you'll get!

Are you more like a cheetah, an owl, a turtle, or a platypus? Take this quiz to see which should be your spirit animal!

 Mar 20, 2019

1 of 25Choose your answer!

Are you a creature of habit?

2 of 25Choose your answer!

What's your favorite type of workout?
Not working out
Going for a swim
A hike at sunrise
Hitting up the gym

3 of 25Choose your answer!

Are you a meat-eater?
Nope, vegetarian
If I'm in the mood for it
Only fish

4 of 25Choose your answer!

It's the weekend! What are you doing?
Seeing a movie
Probably going to a bar
Taking a long bath
Whatever my friends are doing

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Would you consider yourself a creative person?

6 of 25Choose your answer!

Where would you feel most comfortable?
In a hammock under a tree
Snuggled under the covered in my bed
I'm pretty much comfortable anywhere
Napping by the water

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How would a stranger describe you?
Super loud
Depends on the moment

8 of 25Choose your answer!

Your coworkers keep asking you to join their sports league. Which sport are you playing?
Flag football

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What's your go-to board game?

10 of 25Choose your answer!

You've just auditioned to join the local theater. Which role are you hoping for?
Supporting crew

11 of 25Choose your answer!

The best compliment someone could give you is that you're...

12 of 25Choose your answer!

People say that you need more __ in your life.

13 of 25Choose your answer!

Your favorite thing to do on vacation is...
Do whatever seems fun
Check out the local museums
Find the closest theme park

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Grab a blanket and some popcorn - it's time to binge! Which TV genre are you picking?

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Are you a people person?
Every stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet
I prefer to keep to myself
I'm open to meeting new people
I'm ok with my current group of friends

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What's your preferred workload?
A few different tasks that I can switch between
Crazy - give me all the assignments
I can handle pretty much anything
Being able to focus on one thing

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What do you think is your best trait?

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Pick your favorite household pet:

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What's your go-to party game?
Beer pong
Truth or Dare
Never Have I Ever
Cards Against Humanity

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How do you handle fear?
Face it head on.
Ignore it and hope I never encounter it.
Embrace it.
Try to rise above it.

21 of 25Choose your answer!

Will you ever settle down?
If I ever have kids.
Maybe when I'm retired.
I'd say I'm already pretty settled.

22 of 25Choose your answer!

If a fight is about to break out, you would...
Get anxious and leave
Join in!
Try to break it up
Grab some popcorn

23 of 25Choose your answer!

Some just broke your trust. Do you give them a second chance?
As many chances as they need.
Fine, but this is the final chance.
Maybe after some time...
Never! Fool me once...

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What's your must-have on a camping trip?
I prefer to gather my supplies from nature
Toilet paper
Food, of course!
A good book

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You'd rather live...
In an apartment
With a ton of roommates
By the countryside
In my own house
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Do you consider yourself an adventurous person? Or do you prefer to stay within your comfort zone? Maybe it's both! Take this personality quiz to see which animal is your life mascot! Do you live in the moment? Or are you more of a planner? What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Do you get take out and watch a movie, or are you hitting up the club with all of your friends? Answer just 18 questions to see which furry friend is cheering you on in life! If you are addicted to taking quizzes, or maybe you just want to see which animal is most like you, you'll love this personality test!

Spirit animals have been alongside humans since conception. Everyone has one, but sometimes it can be hard to tell what your own spirit animal is. According to SpiritAnimal.info, there are a couple ways to discover your spirit or power animal.

Meditation Using meditation allows you to drop into a more relaxed state of mind where you are more receptive to the energy and intuitive wisdom of the animal spirits.

Dreams Animals in dreams are common manifestations of unconscious imagery and guidance. If you've come across a certain animal more than once, that may be your spirit animal manifesting itself.

Nature Observe your surroundings and pay attention to how certain animals behave around you. Seeing an animal repeatedly, noticeably, or in an unusual way may be a spirit animal trying to grab your attention.

What to do once you discover your spirit animal? Learn as much as you can about it! List the qualities or attributes of the animal and see how they relate to your personality. Think about what that animal represents, and what it would say to you if you could speak to it right now.

Are you ready to find out your spirit animal? Take this quiz to see which animal matches your personality the most!