Quiz: What Is Your Spirit Animal?

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Bet you can't guess which animal you'll get!

Are you more like a cheetah, an owl, a turtle, or a platypus? Take this quiz to see which should be your spirit animal!

 Mar 20, 2019
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Do you consider yourself an adventurous person? Or do you prefer to stay within your comfort zone? Maybe it's both! Take this personality quiz to see which animal is your life mascot! Do you live in the moment? Or are you more of a planner? What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Do you get take out and watch a movie, or are you hitting up the club with all of your friends? Answer just 18 questions to see which furry friend is cheering you on in life! If you are addicted to taking quizzes, or maybe you just want to see which animal is most like you, you'll love this personality test!

Spirit animals have been alongside humans since conception. Everyone has one, but sometimes it can be hard to tell what your own spirit animal is. According to SpiritAnimal.info, there are a couple ways to discover your spirit or power animal.

Meditation Using meditation allows you to drop into a more relaxed state of mind where you are more receptive to the energy and intuitive wisdom of the animal spirits.

Dreams Animals in dreams are common manifestations of unconscious imagery and guidance. If you've come across a certain animal more than once, that may be your spirit animal manifesting itself.

Nature Observe your surroundings and pay attention to how certain animals behave around you. Seeing an animal repeatedly, noticeably, or in an unusual way may be a spirit animal trying to grab your attention.

What to do once you discover your spirit animal? Learn as much as you can about it! List the qualities or attributes of the animal and see how they relate to your personality. Think about what that animal represents, and what it would say to you if you could speak to it right now.

Are you ready to find out your spirit animal? Take this quiz to see which animal matches your personality the most!

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