Only A TRUE Southerner Will Ace This Southern Desserts Quiz! Can You?

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Y'all think Y'all can name all these desserts?

Do you think you can name all 18 of these classic desserts? Take this quiz featuring all things caked, pied, and fried - Southern edition!

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Do you go crazy for all things caked, pied, and fried? How do you like your beignets? Doused in powdered sugar or with just a sprinkle on top? Prove you've got what it takes to survive a potluck at mawmaw's house. And get ready for a challenge - from the Peach State to the Crescent City, this quiz has it all. You can't call yourself a true Southerner until you've passed this tricky dessert quiz. Do you know what a Doberge cake is? Or how to make a lemon icebox pie? Use this opportunity to show off your knowledge of the South's most delicious and decadent desserts! Grab yourself some pralines and a cafe au lait, and prove to us that you are a true Southerner, born and bred.

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