Quiz: Only A Born & Raised Southern Baptist Will Pass This Trivia Quiz

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Were you raised right?

Are you a born and raised Southern Baptist? Take this quiz on Baptist hymns, values, trivia, and worship to see if you can prove it!

 Feb 25, 2020

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Another name for Jesus Christ is ___.
The Redeemer
The Father
The Spirit

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Where is the Book of Glory located in the Bible?
Last book of the Bible
In the Old Testament
Second half of John's Gospel

3 of 18True or False:

Anyone who is not a Baptist is going to hell.

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To be baptized into the church, are there any requirements?
Must be old enough to profess faith
Must be at least 6 months old
No requirements

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How would one be baptized at a Baptist church?
By fulling submerging the candidate under water
Spraying water on the candidate's forehead
Washing the candidate's hands

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Will there be a second coming of Jesus Christ?
No one knows

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___ is usually age- or gender-based Bible study before the main service.
Sunday School
Worship School
Bible Worship

8 of 18True or False:

Each individual Baptist church is independent and self-governing.

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What does one celebrate on Palm Sunday?
Jesus' death
Jesus' birth
Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem

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Who established the first Baptist church in America?
Joseph Smith
Roger Williams
John Adams

11 of 18Finish that hymn:

"This little light of mine, ___."
"He turned water into wine."
"I'm gonna let it shine."
"Down by the shady pine."

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What is soul competency?
Eternal love
God-given free will
Obedience to God

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Does the church recognize books such as 1-2 Maccabees and Wisdom in their Bible?
No, those books are in the Catholic Bible.
Yes, all Christians study those books.
The church recognizes some of those books but not all.

14 of 18True or False:

Baptist clergymen dress the same as ordinary people attending worship.

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In the church, SBC stands for ___.
Southern Baptist Convention
South Baptism Committee
Southern Beach Council

16 of 18Finish that worship song:

"Our God is an awesome God..."
"His return is very close..."
"He created all that is good..."
"He reigns from heaven above..."

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Where was the first Southern Baptist meeting held?
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
El Paso, Texas
Augusta, Georgia

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What might you see adorned on only the most fashionable church attendees?
Fancy hat
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Do you look forward to singing and dancing in the church pews every Sunday? And especially those huge meals at grandma's house afterward? Do you know every word to every hymn sung at church? Are you a true born and bred Southern Baptist with something to prove? Take this tricky test on all things Southern Baptist to see how well you know your own church! Only someone who gets 100% can truly say that they are a born and bred member of the church. Do you know all the church hymns? Which one is your favorite? What's your go-to Bible passage when the world's got you down? Do you know which books of the bible aren't included in the Baptist bible? If you know the answers to these questions, take this quiz to see how well you score!

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