Only Retirees With A 160+ IQ Can Ace This Modern History Test. Can You?

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If you can ace this quiz, you MUST have a 160+ IQ!

How well do you know your modern history? Only someone who lived through the World Wars can ace this quiz!

 Feb 19, 2020

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In which year did Hawaii become a state?

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Who replaced Boris Yeltsin as President of Russia?
Vladimir Putin
Mikhail Gorbachev
Joseph Stalin

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In 2006, Pluto was downgraded from a planet to what classification?
Dwarf Planet
Red Giant

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What year did Prohibition end?

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The first man-made object to be placed into the Earth's orbit was called ___.
Deep Space 1
Sputnik 1
Voyager 1

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Which country launched the first man-made object into Earth's orbit?
United States
Soviet Union

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In ___, Hong Kong's 99-year lease ended, and Great Britain transferred control of the territory back to China.

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Which musician popular during the 50s and 60s was dubbed the "King of Rock ‘n' Roll"?
Jimi Hendrix
Elvis Presley
Dean Martin

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Can you name the company that first introduced "TV Dinners" in the 1950s?
Dining In

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What year did the US withdraw from the Vietnam War?

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Which critical Supreme Court case ended racial segregation in public schools in 1954?
Brown v. Board of Education
Roe v. Wade
Marbury v. Madison

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Who was the first man on the moon?
Buzz Aldrin
Neil Armstrong
Michael Collins

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In 1963, which notorious island prison closed down?
San Quentin

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Which controversial figure was named TIME magazine's Man of the Year in 1938?
O.J. Simpson
Bonnie Parker
Adolf Hitler

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Before 1935, what was Iran known as?

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Which ocean did Amelia Earhart mysteriously disappear over during her flight across the globe?

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Which animal has NOT been launched into space?

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World War II officially ended on September 2, ___.
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Is modern history a breeze for you because you basically lived through it all? So much so that it feels weird to call yourself a history buff because you were mostly just living your life? Are you curious to see just how many historical moments you actually remember? Prove you've lived through it all by acing this quiz. And get ready for a challenge - from the 1900s to today, this quiz covers it all. You can't call yourself a true historian until you've passed this tricky modern history quiz. Do you remember Bonnie and Clyde? When Alcatraz closed? Use this opportunity to show off your knowledge of tricky historical trivia! Leave everything at the door but that big brain of yours - it's time to prove just how much you really remember!

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