Jeopardy Quiz: Cooking Edition! Barely Anyone Can Score Above 75%

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Culinary experts only!

Are you worthy of a chef title? Take this quiz to find out whether you are a star in the kitchen or just an amateur pretending to be one!

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Do you like to show off in the kitchen? Are you able to bust out some macaroons faster than any French or Italian pastry chef has ever seen? Do you have more kitchen gadgets than anyone you've ever known? Do you possibly have more coming in the mail? Are you the type of person who doesn't need designer handbags or fancy clothes and only wants a plane ticket to the nearest Michelin Star restaurant? If so, then you have come to the right place!

Whether it's scrambling an egg, making a chocolate souffle, or roasting a roast, you've got this! You haven't looked at a recipe in years, and you certainly don't need a grocery list when going to the store - mostly because you prefer shopping at the farmers market. Every Thanksgiving you find yourself nominated to cook the turkey, and you actually don't mind! You're a cool cat in the kitchen, and the best baker around. Take this quiz to show off everything you've learned in the kitchen, and be sure to share it with your friends to see who is better!

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