Even a Gen Xer Could Pass This Baby Boomers Quiz. Can You?

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Only someone born yesterday would fail this quiz!

This quiz will test your knowledge of all people, places, and things made famous during the Baby Boomer generation!

 Feb 19, 2020

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Which popular sitcom followed seven shipwrecked castaways?
Hogan's Heroes
Gilligan's Island
F Troop

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Who is the sometimes forgotten member of the moon landing crew?
Alan Shepard
Michael Collins
Yuri Gagarin

3 of 18Name this icon:

Public Domain
Susan Kenner
Jackie Bush
Jackie Kennedy

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In which movie did Elvis Presley make his film debut?
Cash McCall
Sunset Boulevard
Love Me Tender

5 of 18Name this artifact:

Cash register

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Where would you find someone's phone number?
Phone operator
Library catalogue
Phone book

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What was a popular name for a refrigerator?

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When the television was first introduced, what behavior was not allowed?

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___ was a popular children's neighborhood game involving an empty can.
Pop up
Kick the can

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Where might you find an advertisement for Sea Monkeys?
Comic books
Local grocery store

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What number takes the longest to dial on a rotary telephone?

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Before he was Muhammad Ali, what was the famous boxer's name?
Roy Jones Jr.
Cassius Clay, Jr.
Mike Tyson

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What chemical used during the Vietnam War had a significant impact on health and the environment?
Tear Fumes
Agent Orange
Mustard Gas

14 of 18Finish this phrase!

"Lions and tigers and bears, __"
Oh my!
Gee whiz!

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Who won the first Superbowl in 1967?
Green Bay Packers
New Orleans Saints
Minnesota Vikings

16 of 18Name this icon:

20th Century Fox
Grace Kelly
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe

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What was the iconic music festival that occurred in the 1960s?
Burning Man

18 of 18Name this sitcom:

via Screen Gems
I Dream of Jeannie
Green Acres
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Do you remember life before computers and electronic calculators? Were typewriters and wired house phones a big part of your childhood? Did you ever play that neighborhood game called kick the can? Prove you are a part of the baby boomer generation by acing this quiz. From things like Beatlemania and banana seats to icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, this quiz covers it all! You can't call yourself a baby boomer until you've passed this tricky test. Do you remember the show called Bewitched? What about the sitcom I Dream A Jeannie? Use this opportunity to show off your knowledge of baby boomer trivia! Leave everything at the door but your beloved childhood memories - it's time to prove just how much you really remember!

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