Are You Someone Who/Whom Can Pass This Grammar Quiz? Let's Find Out

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Are you a grammar guru?

Do you think yourself better than spellcheck? Are you a self-processed grammar expert? Prove it by acing this quiz!

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Are you the living embodiment of spellcheck? Do your friends and family feel the need to hold regular interventions for your grammaholic ways? You did so well in school that your English teacher asked YOU to teach the class. You can pick out the preposition in any sentence, and you don't have time for those simple clauses. Spellcheck ain't got nothing on you, and your eye just twitched after reading that sentence. Don't worry, you can email me with a list of all my grammar mistakes only AFTER you've aced this quiz! Homophones? No problem! Conjugating? Easy! You can tackle any English grammar question thrown at you and ace it like a CHAMP. Show all your friends and family your 100% on this quiz to prove just how good you really are!

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