Quiz: Can You Get 15/15 On This Hanukkah Challenge?

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Take this fun and easy quiz about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah! Pass this test about the 8 crazy nights!

 Nov 02, 2017
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How many night of Hanukkah are there?
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What is the 9th candle on the menorah for?
To represent the ninth night
To light the other candles
Just in case the other 8 burn too quickly
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What is another name for Hanukkah?
The Festival of Lights
Rosh Hashanah
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What do you eat during Hanukkah?
Bitter herb and salt water
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Which Jewish community is part of the origin story of Hanukkah?
The Maccabees
6 of 15Pick your answer!
What game is played during Hanukkah?
Scavenger hunt
Capture the flag
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What type of candy is always out during Hanukkah?
Dark chocolate
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Who is the famous high priest in the Hanukkah origin story?
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What do the 8 nights represent?
8 days of celebration of the overthrow of King Antioch
the 8 nights the candles burned in the temple the Maccabees reclaimed
8 days of starvation for the Maccabees
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What do you do when you are lighting a Hanukkah candle?
Say a blessing
Spin a dreidel
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Which of the following is a Hanukkah movie?
Eight Crazy Nights
Miracle On 34th Street
12 of 15Pick your answer!
Which holiday does Hanukkah sometimes overlap with?
Valentine's Day
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Due to modern tradition, a _____ is given each night of Hanukkah.
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Hanukkah prayers are usually recited in which language?
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If a family doesn't give presents for Hanukkah, they usually do _____.
nothing at all
charity work
a family vacation
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