Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 Online And On TV

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Want to watch The Resident online now? Buy The Resident season 1 on Amazon to rewatch your favorite episodes and to catch new episodes from the season as they air on Fox.

Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 Online And On TV

Fox's new medical drama, The Resident, has started and is in full swing. And while television has tons of medical dramas, The Resident season 1 is definitely one to watch. The antics of medical residents Conrad (Matt Czurchy) and his friend Devon (Manish Dayal) are making audiences laugh and cry at the same time week after week already! With only 4 episodes so far, there are a few places that you can watch The Resident season 1 online and on tv. Read on to find out!

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Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 On Live TV

The Resident premieres each week on Fox on Mondays at 9/8c. So, make sure to check your local Fox listings to watch The Resident season 1 live! If you have already started watching the show, be sure to tune in and watch it live because everyone will be talking about it come Tuesday! If you haven't started the show yet, or can't watch it live as it airs on Fox, here's where to watch The Resident season 1 online!

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Can I Watch The Resident Season 1 On Fox's Website?

If you want to watch The Resident, and are anywhere from episode 1 to episode 4, you should definitely log on to Fox's website. They have posted all 4 full episodes so far, and also previews and recaps for each previous episode. The best part is, its absolutely free! So nothing should hold you back from watching this awesome new show!

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Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 - Amazon

Dying to watch every episode of The Resident season 1 anytime and anywhere you want? Well, you can! If you purchase the season on Amazon, then you can rewatch or catch up with old episodes and watch new episodes as they come out on Fox! You won't have to think about a thing because Amazon has you covered for life!

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Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 - Hulu

Good, and a little surprising, news here for Hulu subscribers! The Resident season 1 is already on Hulu! Well, the episodes that have aired, at least. If you subscribe to Hulu, you should go ahead and start watch The Resident ASAP!

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Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 Online - Netflix

A little bit of bad news here for Netflix subscribers, The Resident is not yet on Netflix. Typically, they seem to add full seasons at a time, so we may have to wait a while before The Resident is up on Netflix. On the bright side, there are plenty of other ways the watch The Resident season 1.

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