Where To Watch iZombie Season 4 Online And On TV


Where To Watch iZombie Season 4 Online And On TV

iZombie on the CW is a show you definitely don't want to miss! If you don't know already, iZombie features zombie medical resident Liv Moore (Rose McIver) who takes a job at a coroner's office so she can eat the brains of dead people instead of fiending for the brains of humans. Little does she know beforehand, she absorbs the memories of the brains that she eats. So, she poses as a psychic to help detectives solve murder cases. Crazy right? You've got to watch it! Read on to find out where to watch iZombie season 4 online and on TV.

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Where To Watch iZombie Season 4 On TV

iZombie season 4 is well underway with its third episode about to air. iZombie airs every Monday at 9/8c on the CW, so you'll definitely want to tune in and watch it live! It is the perfect way to spice up your Monday night. If you can't watch iZombie season 4 live on the CW, don't sweat it! There are plenty of ways to watch iZombie season 4 online, too. Read on to find out.

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The CW

Where To Watch iZombie Season 4 Online

The CW rocks because it has all the episodes of iZombie posted and ready for viewing on their website. So, if you can't watch the show live on the CW, you can catch it online after it airs. The best part is it's totally free! No login or credit card information required! Just log on to the CW's website and get watching! iZombie season four has already started so go ahead and watch now!

Another great resource for watching iZombie season four online is buying episodes from iTunes or Amazon Video. Each episode is only $1.99 and they never get taken down or expire. So, you can watch iZombie season 4, or any episodes from the previous seasons online at Amazon or iTunes.

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TV Guide

What To Watch For In iZombie Season 4

This season of iZombie is all its cracked up to be and more. The previews have hinted at a number of interesting storylines at play this season. Liv is still working with the detective team to solve murders, but it seems like zombies are under scrutiny. Tune in to see if Liv and the other zombies get exposed by Seattle's local humans.

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iZombie Season 4 Cast

The CW, as always, has done an awesome job with the cast of this show. iZombie stars Liv Moore played by Rose McIver, her friend Peyton Charles played by Aly Michalka, and other zombie detectives Dr. Ravi played by Rahul Kohli, and Major Lilywhite played by Robert Buckley.