When Will The Crossing Season 1 Be On Netflix?


When Will The Crossing Season 1 Be On Netflix?

If you haven't already heard, ABC's new thriller TV show The Crossing is just starting up. With a few episodes underway already, we are all dying to know where to watch The Crossing season 1 on TV and online, so we don't miss a second of it. We are here to give you all that information and more! But when will The Crossing season 1 be on Netflix? We can tell you that, too! Read on to find out everything you need to know about season 1 of The Crossing on ABC!

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Will The Crossing Season 1 Be On Netflix As It Airs Live On ABC?

Bad news here, sorry! The Crossing is not currently available on Netflix while it is airing live on ABC. The show airs every Monday at 10/9c though, if you do want to follow along every week. Netflix doesn't usually add shows week by week like some other streaming services. So, if you want to watch online that way, you can try going to ABC's website and watching there! It is easy and free to watch The Crossing season 1 there!

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When Will The Crossing Season 1 Be On Netflix?

Unfortuantely, we do not have an exact date as to when The Crossing season 1 will be on Netflix. Since the show is still airing weekly on ABC, in fact it is just starting out, we might not know exactly for a little while. However, we do know that Netflix exhibits a trend in the way they post shows for streaming. Netflix usually adds full seasons of shows to their site around a month or so after they finish airing on live TV. We know they won't miss out on posting The Crossing, so we will keep a watch out for when exactly that is, and give you an update.

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Where To Watch The Crossing Season 1 Online Now

If you are itching to watch The Crossing season 1 online before it is available on Netflix, don't sweat it, there are plenty of websites where you can do so. Other than ABC's website, you can also watch The Crossing season 1 on Hulu with a subscription. Hulu has added the first few episodes of the show weekly, and we can assume they will continue to do that until the season ends.

You can also buy episodes of The Crossing for $1.99 each on Amazon Video and iTunes. This way you can buy individual episodes, one at a time, and watch them weekly. It is a pretty good deal!