When Will The 100 Season 5 Be On Netflix?

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When Will The 100 Season 5 Be On Netflix?

The 100 season 5 is currently starting to air on the CW. Just about to air its second episode, everyone has been tuning in to watch season 5 so far. But if you can't watch The 100 season 5 live, what can you do? When will The 100 season 5 be on Netflix? We will tell you all that and more! Read on for more information about streaming The 100 season 5.

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Will The 100 Be On Netflix When It Airs Live On The CW?

Unfortunately, no. The 100 season 5 will not be on Netflix during the next few weeks as the show airs live on the CW. Netflix won't be uploading the new episodes weekly like some other streaming sites do.

If you want to watch The 100 without cable, then you can do so on Hulu Live TV if it's available in your area. That way, you can catch new episodes as they air without the hassle of ordering through a cable provider. You'll also be able to DVR record the episodes as they come out in case you miss them as well as unlimited access to Hulu's entire streaming service!

Not into Hulu? You can also choose to buy Sling TV if you want to customize which live channels you get. That way, you only have to pay for what channels you want, including the CW!

So, when does season 5 of The 100 come on Netflix? And where else can you watch The 100 season 5 online if you don't want to watch it live?

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When Will The 100 Season 5 Be On Netflix

We have some bad news here, folks. We do not know the exact date of when The 100 season 5 will be on Netflix. The season starts this week, and episodes will be coming out weekly for a while, so we won't know for sure when the show will be on Netflix until after it finishes airing live, or if Netflix releases a statement about it. We will keep an eye out for that!

The good news is, Netflix is reliable about posting full seasons of shows once they finish airing on live TV. So, after all the episodes air on the CW, we can expect season 5 of The 100 to be on Netflix soon enough, maybe within a month or two? Either way, when it does go up on Netflix, we will all be ready to binge!

Want to watch the show whenever and wherever you want? Here's where to watch The 100 season 5 online!

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Where To Watch The 100 Online Now

The 100 season 5 is just starting out, so none of the episodes are available for streaming just yet. However, if their previous seasons are any indicator, we can assume that The 100 season 5 will be available a number of places online:

If you want to watch weekly online, you can do that through CW's website. They post episodes of their shows every week within mere hours of their live premiere on TV. This way, you can watch The 100 season 5 online without waiting for it to be added to Netflix. Plus, episodes are absolutely free, its a win/win! They also have plenty of other short videos to watch between episodes. However, you can only watch new episodes of The 100 on the CW website for a limited amount of time. The five most-recent episodes will be available, but if you miss any before then, you will have to sign into your cable provider.

You will also be able to buy The 100 season 5 episodes for $1.99 each on Amazon and iTunes. They, too, will be posting episodes weekly as they air live.