When Will Rise Season 1 Be On Netflix?


When Will Rise Season 1 Be On Netflix?

Rise is NBC's newest high-school centered drama that is sweeping audiences everywhere, tugging on every heartstring from every angle. So far, we have met a number of characters, high school drama students, under the instruction of one teacher, Lou Mazzuchelli (Josh Radnor). Totally binge worthy right? But when will Rise season 1 be on Netflix?.

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Where To Watch Rise Season 1 Online Now

Other than Netflix, you can watch Rise season 1 a few other ways online. First of all, and definitely the best way to watch it, you can use NBC's website to watch episodes of Rise. So far they have posted every episode to date, as they air on live TV, so you can watch weekly online as well as on NBC. What's more, these episodes are free! All you have to do is press play!

With a subscription, you can also watch episodes of Rise on Hulu weekly. These episodes are posted within 24 hours of their live airing, so you can watch each episode online and you won't fall behind. They also keep up previous episodes for streaming if you missed them!

Buying episodes on iTunes and Amazon Video is another good way to watch episodes of Rise season 1 online. You can buy each episode for $1.99 and watch it as many times as you want. These websites, like Hulu, keep their previous episodes up for watching if you need to catch up or want to go back.

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When Will Rise Season 1 Be On Netflix

Unfortunately, there is no direct answer! Since Rise is a new show, and hasn't been on Netflix at all yet, we don't know exactly when it will be posted. However, we can usually count on Netflix to add our favorite shows eventually, and we have traditionally seen them posted around a month after the show finishes airing. So, after the season finale airs on May 15, we should have a better idea of when Rise season 1 will be on Netflix. We will keep you posted if we get an exact date! So keep checking back for updates!