When Will iZombie Be On Netflix US?


When Will iZombie Be On Netflix US?

The CW's iZombie is in its fourth season and has been crazy good. The show is about a highly achieving medical resident, Liv Moore (Rose McIver) who becomes a zombie when she unknowingly attends a party that is chock full of them. She decides to resist the urge to eat live human brains by only snacking on the brains of corpses. She then realizes that she absorbs the memories of the brains she eats, so she poses as a psychic to work with detectives to solve murders. Sounds interesting right? But when will iZombie be on Netflix US? We need to binge it ASAP! Read on to find out.

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Where To Watch iZombie Online

If you are looking to watch iZombie online, we totally feel you. We have been obsessed with this show from the beginning and have learned a few tricks. First, you can watch iZombie online at the CW's website. The CW posts all episodes of the show online for a period of time so we can watch them when they air on live TV. Right now, all of season 4 is available for streaming online.

You can also watch iZombie online by buying episodes from Amazon Video and iTunes. These platforms have offered every episode of iZombie to date for purchase at $1.99 each. They are super reliable and never expire so you can watch them wherever and whenever you want!

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When Will iZombie Be On Netflix US?

The first three seasons of iZombie are already up on Netflix for subscribers! If you are behind on the show, or want to go back and watch your favorite episodes again, Netflix is a great place to do so! As for season four of iZombie, we are not quite sure. The good news is that Netflix typically adds full seasons of shows at a time so we can predict that iZombie will be on Netflix shortly after the season finishes airing on live TV. Since the first three seasons are already available, we are willing to bet the fourth season will be coming up soon! Keep checking the site and so will we!