What Women Need To Know About The New Health Care Bill

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TrumpCare targets women at the most fundamental aspects of their gender.

TrumpCare Senate Bill Is Finally Unveiled

After months of anticipation, and abundant rumors, the Senate has released the new health care bill this morning, and it is only slightly different than we had previously feared.

This new healthcare bill has been shrouded in secrecy. "Republicans are writing their healthcare bill under the cover of darkness because they are ashamed of it," said Democrat party leader Chuck Schumer. It takes out many of the essential aspects of ObamaCare including Medicaid, which will continue until 2021 and then be slowly eliminated over the next three years. It also eliminates taxes on the wealthy and the insurance companies and raises premiums.

TrumpCare takes the essential components of ObamaCare that helped US citizens be able to afford healthcare and slashes them.

Fortunately, under TrumpCare, states will NOT be able to deny coverage to or raise the premiums of anyone with a medical history that includes rape, sexual assault, domestic abuse, c-sections, pregnancy, or postpartum depression by deeming them as pre-existing conditions. It does, however, prevent subsidized coverage on any and all abortions. In addition, this bill will completely defund Planned Parenthood for one year.


What Does This New Bill Mean For Women?

Planned Parenthood will be defunded, abortions won't be covered, but how does this affect MY everyday life?

ObamaCare provided tax cuts and government funded care that benefited low-income citizens. TrumpCare, or the healthcare bill that was released this morning, plans to take these away slowly.

This will make almost all healthcare more expensive to the patient.

In addition, this separates women in one of the only definitive ways we are different from men--- giving birth. TrumpCare attacks abortion rights and the nationwide provider of women's healthcare, Planned Parenthood, by taking away government support for them. So, if a woman deems these services necessary in her life, she will have to pay for them out of pocket.


Some Planned Parenthood Facts

TrumpCare and Women's Health

Although the anticipated lack of coverage on "pre-existing" conditions like rape and pregnancy did not pass, TrumpCare still attacks women's health care in a huge way.

Although it has not made it illegal, it defunds a woman's right to choose and be in control of her own body, taking women's rights back a shocking 44 years to the 1973 supreme court case Roe v Wade.

TrumpCare may not comprehensively defund health care for women, but it attacks an essential part of what makes us who we are.

Women should be able to take care of their own bodies as we see fit, regardless of socioeconomic status.

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