What Time Will Jessica Jones Season 2 Be On Netflix US? 2018 Release


What Time Will Jessica Jones Season 2 Be On Netflix US? 2018 Release

Marvel's awesome female-lead action show, Jessica Jones is set to have a second season on Netflix. After the first season of a** kicking and detective work, we are ready to see Jessica Jones take on a second season ASAP. Although her life as a superhero was short-lived, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) will return to her detective agency to solve crimes from the inside. But when does Jessica Jones season 2 come out? What Time Will Jessica Jones Season 2 Be On Netflix US? Read on 2018 release information.

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Jessica Jones Season 2 Netflix Release 2018

Good news, Jessica Jones fans! The second season is coming out sooner than you might think! This week on March 8, Jessica Jones season 2 will come out on Netflix! You can expect this season to be as action-packed as the last one, so set aside some time (maybe this weekend) to start it. However, be warned, you are definitely at the risk of a full binge when this season drops on March 8. You will definitely want to watch the whole thing since you will have access to every episode right away.

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More Info On Jessica Jones Season 2

Each of the Marvel shows has been credited with tackling different social issues in their own way. So, although these superhero dramas might seem like just action stories from the outside, they all have a deeper meaning. If you watched Jessica Jones season 1, you know that it centers around a woman who must overcome her rape. Although the show is known for its dark undertones, it addresses this very important issue with care. Tune in to watch Jessica Jones kick villains to the curb in season 2 on Netflix when it comes out on March 8.

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