What Is The Meaning Of President's Day?


What Is The Meaning Of President's Day?

Wondering what the meaning of President's Day is? Every year, in the middle of February, we are all #blessed with a day off of work. It seems to come at just the right time, its the dead of winter and we are really in need of a three-day weekend considering the last day off we had was MLK and the next won't be until Memorial Day in May. But what is the true meaning of President's Day? We celebrate presidents all the time, why is there a day dedicated to it? The day off really had us contemplating, what is the meaning of President's Day?

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What Are The Origins Of President's Day?

President's Day falls on the third Monday of February every year. It started in 1855 as a celebration of George Washington. In fact, it is recognized by the government as the celebration of George Washington's birthday. So if you were feeling a little bit guilty about celebrating President's Day in the current political climate, don't stress! Celebrate George Washington's birthday instead! That guy honestly did rock.

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Is President's Day A Federal Holiday?

Is President's Day a federal holiday? Do you have to work on President's Day? Federal holidays are the nations universal days off of work. Post offices, banks, and most offices are closed and out of contact for the day. These holidays support important people and dates to American History. Considering President's Day celebrates George Washington's birthday, it technically celebrates both! Double whammy! All the more reason to really take your day off seriously this week, its important to our country.

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Good Ways To Celebrate President's Day

In order to celebrate President's Day right, we should definitely do some of our most historic presidents' favorite things. For example, maybe chop down a cherry tree in honor of Washington? Stand up for Civil Rights in honor of Lincoln? Well, maybe visit some memorials and museums in honor of all of these hardworking guys because being president is tough, I sure wouldn't want to do it! Although, I think we all hope to be celebrating a women on the third Monday of February in a few years!