What Does The Order Of Friends On Facebook Mean?


What Does The Order Of Friends On Facebook Mean?

Facebook is constantly maneuvering its algorithms to keep us guessing on why things happen on our feed and on our pages. We see ads for stuff we googled an hour before and put in our shopping bags but never bought. We are constantly being reminded to check our friends' birthdays just when we knew we'd forget. We even see what we did every day in years past. It seems like Facebook knows us better than we know ourselves. Our newest Q? What does the order of friends on Facebook mean?

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Facebook Friends And Their Meanings

Have you ever noticed you can label friends on Facebook? They can be your friend, your close friend, your acquaintance, your family, etc. You can also follow and unfollow people, so if there is someone you don't want to see on your news feed, you can unfollow them. I mark certain people as acquaintances if I don't want them to see my profile because I made my Timeline only viewable to Friends not Acquaintances. But what does this have to do with the order of your friends on Facebook?

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Facebook Gathers Your Information

Once you sign up for Facebook, and agree to the terms and conditions, Facebook begins to gather your information from the beginning. Facebook notices who you are tagged in photos with, who you chat with, who you have mutual friends with, and takes it all into account to make your user experience more personalized and, overall, better. This might seem creepy, but its why Facebook works so well! It gets to know you over time. So, Facebook knows who your best friends (in real life) are because they are who you interact with most on the site.

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What Does The Order Of My Friends On Facebook Mean?

In simple terms, since Facebook knows all about you and your life, they know who you are friends with. So, the order of your friends goes from people you interact with most, presumably your real life best friends, and ranges down to people you almost never connect with. The first 9 friends are your closest friends IRL, and then things get a little messy from there. After the 9th, the rest of your friends might seem a little jumbled because even technology can't keep track of all the people we know.