What Does Active Mean On Instagram? And How To Turn It Off


What Does Active Mean On Instagram?

If you love every aspect of social media, you've probably wondered "what does Active mean on Instagram"? Instagram has been adding so many new features recently, it is getting hard to keep up! Although the app looks relatively the same as it always has, and has kept its original uses, something looks a little different with each update. Something we have noticed recently is that some direct message conversations have been marked "active" by itself or with a time stamp. We keep seeing it over and over and are wondering what does active mean on Instagram, aren't you?

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Where Can I See If Someone Is Active On Instagram

If you, like most of us, use Instagram's direct message function, either to send memes to your friends or to start conversations with @champagnepapi (oops, guilty!), you will see the active label. If you click the messages icon on the top right corner of your feed, you will find the list of dm's you have going and will see the word "active" under the username. This indicates the last time they were in the Instagram app.

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Can I Turn Off "Active" On Instagram Feature?

For those of us avoiding Insta dm's, you might not want other people to see when you were last active on Instagram. The good news is, you can turn off the feature that shows other users when you were last active. If you go to your settings, which you can find by tapping the wheel next to the "Edit Profile" button on your profile, you can disable this feature by scrolling down to the last item on the list under "Settings." Slide the button to the left next to "Show Activity Status" and there ya go! No more active label on your account!

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Who Can See If I am Active On Instagram?

With this update, it is only people who have direct messaged you that can tell if you are active on Instagram. Unlike other instant messaging apps that show when you are online or offline to all of your friends or followers, Instagram just shows the people you have recently messaged.

Another helpful hint, users you have dm-ed with can see if you have read their message, as well. So even if you have turned off your activity status, they will see a small caption indicating "seen" under their message. So opening and ignoring a message successfully doesn't really work on Insta, but you can totally leave a message #unread to avoid as long as possible.