Tinder Matches Disappearing - What Is Happening To My Matches?

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Tinder Matches Disappearing - What Is Happening To My Matches?

Are you seeing that your Tinder matches are disappearing and wondering, "what is happening to my matches?". Many Tinder users are finding that their matches are disappearing and don't know what is happening to their matches. Where are they going?

Most often, when a Tinder match disappears, it is because they have been unmatched or blocked. The other user has made the Tinder match disappear because they have ended the match by unmatching or blocking.

Tinder Matches Disappearing - Unmatching or Blocking


Tinder matches disappear from your Tinder app when the other user has decided to unmatch or block the match. But this should discourage you from continuing to put yourself out there! There are tons of Tinder users across the country just waiting for your match. This way, if you ever feel like ending a match in the future, you know you can do it just as easily.

Don't Let It Slow You Down!


Keep on keepin' on! And keep on swipin' on! The politics of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are ever-changing and sometimes hard to follow. Many people feel little attachment behind the walls of social media and technology, so it can be easy to abruptly end a match.

So, don't worry, it's not you, it's totally them.