The Resident Season 1 Episode 8: Where To Watch & Preview

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The Resident Season 1 Episode 8: Where To Watch, Preview, Cast, And More

The Resident season 1 is well underway and drawing audiences by the boatload to watch the doctors solve illnesses and combat general hospital issues. The Resident season 1 episode 8 is coming up soon and you definitely don't want to miss it. Last week, Conrad (Matt Czuchry) and Lane (Melina Kanakaredes) disagreed about the treatment of a cancer patient, of course, all hell broke loose and they had to come to an agreement somehow. This week will be even better! Need I say more? Here's the Resident season 1 episode 8: where to watch, preview, cast, and more.

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Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 Episode 8 On TV

The Resident is live on FOX every Monday at 9/8c. The show is a smash hit so you definitely will want to watch it live, or else someone might spoil it for you! In the next episode of The Resident, titled "Family Affair" is going to be a good one so tune in to watch it live on March 19! If you can't watch The Resident live, don't worry! There are plenty of ways to watch it online, read on to find out!

You can also purchase Hulu Live TV to catch the latest episodes of The Resident as they air on live TV. Hulu Live TV is an alternative to cable! But, make sure that your zip code gets Fox! You'll also get access to other channels through Hulu Live. Nice, right?

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Where To Watch The Resident Season 1 Episode 8 Online

Good news! FOX's website has every episode of The Resident so far available for streaming. All you have to do is log on and pick the episode you want to watch! The Resident airs on March 19 this week, so it should be available for viewing around that time, as well. If you are behind on The Resident you can watch old episodes on FOX's website, too.

Another good way to watch The Resident season 1 episode 8 is to download it on iTunes or Amazon Video. These platforms have every episode of the show to date, and always post the new episodes as they air on live TV. The best part is these episodes never expire, so you can watch them as many times as you want! Talk about bang for your buck!

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What To Watch For In The Resident Season 1 Episode 8

As always, The Resident season 1 episode 8 will be chock full of medical drama. Every week we see a new patient being taken care of by Conrad and the other doctors. Of course, there is always the storylines of their lives we follow, too. Since The Resident season 1 episode 8 is called "Family Affair" we are expecting some good old fashioned family drama sprinkled in there, too. Don't miss it!

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The Resident Season 1 Episode 8 Cast

The Resident has a stellar cast that play badass doctors who solve some of the most duping medical mysteries, while also dealing with their own drama by the day. The cast includes star Conrad Hawkins played by Matt Czuchry, Nicolette played by Emily VanCamp, and Devon played by Manish Dayal. The Resident also features Devon's family, so there will definitely be some guest stars, too!

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The Resident Season 1 Episode 8 Promo and Spoilers

If you needed another reason to get excited about The Resident, look no further! But, beware of spoilers from here on out. If you haven't already watched the trailer for The Resident, you definitely should! It is going to be a good one so don't miss it!

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