23 Sorority Big Little Instagram Captions


23 Sorority Big Little Instagram Captions

Looking for the best sorority big/little Instagram captions? Look no further. Let's face it, sororities are our families. They are our way to make college seem a little more intimate and to find a home in a new place. Assimilating into college can be tough! Whether you are a DG or an Alpha Phi, we are here to support your choice to join Greek Life and show your love for your family. More specifically, we know how excited you are to be part of a big/little pair and automatically have a bestie for life. Here are 23 sorority big little Instagram captions for every girl who loves their lin as much as we hope they do!

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1. There's perfection, and then there's my little

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2. It's the LITTLE moments, that make life BIG

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3. Here's to you, and here's to me. Big and Little we will always be.

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4. Keep calm and call your big!

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5. The biggie to my smalls.

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6. She is half of my soul, and half of my heart, without my big, I'd fall apart

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7. Sisters by chance, Big and Little by choice.

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8. A BIG adventure is about to begin

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9. Little ripples make Big waves.

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10. Dream Big Little one

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11. In high tide and low tide, I'll always be by your side.

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12. Mirror mirror on the wall, she's the greatest Little of them all.

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13. The only thing better than getting a bid, is getting a Big.

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14. Welcome to the sisterhood, Little one.

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Instagram.com / @GirlsWithGluten

15. Of all the fish in the sea, I'm so glad my Big chose me.

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Instagram.com / @girlswithgluten

16. If you think I'm perfect, you should meet my Big!

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17. It's funny how the Little things can really mean a lot.

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18. My Big knows best.

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19. The best thing in life to hold on to is each other.

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20. Though she be little, she is fierce.

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21. Dream Big, worry Little.

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22. Little, you are one in a million.

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23. Welcome to the family, Little.

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