19 Shows Like The Office

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19 Shows Like The Office

If you are a fan of the classic TV show, The Office, and are looking for some new shows to watch that are just like it, you have come to the right place! If you haven't seen The Office, it is a show about a paper company based in Scranton, PA that features zany characters and how they learn to get along in the work place, it is hilarious! We have looked high and low to make the best list of 19 shows like The Office for you to try out!

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1. Parks and Recreation

A comedy centered around the parks department in Pawnee, Indiana. It captures the laugh out loud funniness of The Office.

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2. 30 Rock

A workplace-based comedy about the team at 30 Rockefeller plaza, where many famous shows are produced. It features a boss and his many zany underlings.

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3. Modern Family

This show is the same style as The Office, with staged interviews in between scenes. It is absolutely hilarious!

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4. Arrested Development

This show features a family making it work the same way the coworkers in The Office do. They make similar dry humor jokes to Jim from The Office.

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5. The Mindy Project

Another workplace comedy, The Mindy Project features coworkers and the drama they get into in their every day lives. Very similar to The Office, but with a female head of the company!

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6. Friends

Laugh out loud funny, this classic is the perfect change up from The Office. It is easygoing and fun to follow!

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7. Seinfeld

This sitcom features 4 friends in NYC and their hilarious antics. If you like The Office you'll love this one.

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8. How I Met Your Mother

Another NYC comedy about friends and their lives together. How I Met Your Mother captures the essence of friendship through hilarious jokes.

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9. That 70's Show

Set in the 70s, this comedy features high school friends who are constantly cracking jokes and doing funny stuff. A nice change from The Office if you are looking for comedy.

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10. Workaholics

A show based in a work place about coworkers and their lives together. These funny coworkers get in all kinds of trouble.

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11. Scrubs

This is also based in a workplace: a hospital. This captures the love and friendship that The Office does, but also the craziness of a hard job.

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12. Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Hilarious jokes around every corner, if you are looking to laugh, definitely check out Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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13. New Girl

Another great comedy! This show is just as funny as The Office but features a more prominent female lead, Jess is hilarious!

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14. Saturday Night Live

A classic. If you want new jokes every week and a variety of legendary cast members and hosts, you should check out SNL.

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15. Family Guy

This one is a knee-slapper comedy. Family Guy is an animated show about a family and their antics, you will laugh the whole time!

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16. American Dad

Similar to Family Guy in the way of raunchy comedy, definitely not appropriate for kids!

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17. Community

This show combines work and play with a community college location. This show is so funny, you will binge the whole thing!

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18. Better Off Ted

This show is about a questionable workplace environment with sketchy intentions. It gets at the hilarity of Dunder Mifflin's somewhat questionable moments as a company.

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19. The Office UK

Because, duh!