9 Shows Like On My Block


9 Shows Like On My Block

Netflix's new original show On My Block features the story of four high school friends and the drama of being a teen. This is a very popular coming of age genre, and there are so many TV shows that tackle this hard time we have all gone through! If you like On My Block we know the perfect shows you should watch! Here are 9 shows like On My Block.

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Shows Like On My Block - Coming Of Age Stories

High school was a time when everyone was just trying their best. Whether you were a jock, a nerd, shy, outgoing, or anything in between, we can all relate to the confusing time that is high school. If you like the way On My Block captures the struggle to find yourself in your teens, these are the shows for you. Here are shows like On My Block coming of age stories.

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Shows Like On My Block - High School Friendships

On My Block showcases the importance of finding your friends in high school. Some of these friendships are lifelong and it is important to find people to support you in your formative teen years. Plenty of shows capture this theme, so if you are looking for shows about high school friendships like On My Block, these shows are for you.

  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Boy Meets World
  • Degrassi
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Shows Like On My Block - Netflix Originals

On My Block is one of the many amazing Netflix original series that everyone loves. If you subscribe to Netflix, and love their shows, you are certainly not alone. It is common knowledge that Netflix makes incredible originals, in fact, they base their shows off of the shows that do well on Netflix. Here are some Netflix originals that you will love if you love On My Block.