Tell Us What You Think About These Different Types Of Ice Cubes

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Rank These Types of Ice Cubes

Help us rank these types of ice cubes! Think about it, we all have our preferred types of ice. Cubed, crushed, bubble, you name it, if you had a choice you would absolutely choose your favorite. Maybe you are even disappointed when you realize a place only has one or two kinds of ice (we're looking at you Starbucks!) We will even throw in some fancy ice choices in the mix, fruit ice, coffee ice, check it out and help us rank these types of ice cubes with this chill voting process.

Ice Cubes

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A classic and most common type of ice. You can find it almost anywhere, and probably even in your own freezer at home. But what do we truly think about ice cubes?

Crushed Ice

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Many coffee places offer crushed ice for your iced coffee, does this mean you have more coffee than ice? Or does it dilute the coffee? Vote to see what most people think of crushed ice!

Balled Ice

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So this one is a little more obscure, but let us explain. These are those tiny balls of ice that are so fun to chew on, and you can pop a whole handful in your mouth and chew away. You know what we mean!

Ice Chips

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Chips of ice sound fun right? We like chips, we like ice, what do people think of ice chips? Or do they remind you of patients on Grey's Anatomy who are asking for ice chips before surgery… let us know!

Frozen Coffee Ice Cubes

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Ok, I think we can all agree this one is genius. Just pour coffee into ice trays and you get coffee ice cubes that don't dilute your iced coffee! A personal favorite, I have to say.

Ice Cubes With Fruit

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This is a good way to get some flavor into your drinks without the intensity of putting fruit directly in your glass. Fruit taste and a cold drink! What could be better?

Shaved Ice

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This type of ice is so great, most people eat it as a dessert! Pour some flavored syrup on there, and you're set! This beachy treat is perfect for summer, but can be enjoyed year round!