The Top 10 Best War Movies Ever, Ranked By You!

Saving Private Ryan
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The Top 10 Best War Movies Ever, Ranked By You!

Every year war movies top the box office and bring audiences to their feet time after time. But we are wondering, what are the best war movies ever? Help us rank these top 10 war movies since the beginning of time. Are you a fan of the war and action drama? Or perhaps the historical fiction? Which of these war movies are the best ever? Hey movie buffs, rank these top 10 war movies ever in order from best to worst.

Saving Private Ryan

Tom Hanks taking men behind enemy lines to find the legendary Private Ryan? Does it get any better than that?


Named for the group of men who stick together in war, this movie, starring Charlie Sheen, shows the bond men form during wartime.

Apocalypse Now

Many movie buffs love this one for its references to the famous literary work, Heart of Darkness, its the best of both worlds!

Full Metal Jacket

Based on one of the most brutal wars in history, this movie effectively shows the horrors of the Vietnam War after it had been the first war on TV. What do you think?

Black Hawk Down

Using Black Hawk helicopters to bring aid and supplies to Somalia, the soldiers suffer an unexpected attack, does the movie do it justice?

The Hurt Locker

This award-winning take on a war close to home for many, is one of the more recent additions to the list. Does it live up to the hype?


Unlike many other war films, this one is about a rescue mission. Retrospective war films always seem to do well in my eyes, thoughts?

American Sniper

Bradley Cooper as the most effective sniper in the US? Swoon! What do you think of this new-classic war film?

Pearl Harbor

Named for the famous attack on the US that truly started it all, this war film follows two boys as they head for the armed forces. Hokey or pointed? Rank it!

Lone Survivor

This movie tackles the startling fate of soldiers in Afghanistan, addressing stereotypes of all kind. Does the social commentary do the movie justice?